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Thomas Herbst of Clayton Home Inspection – ASHI Certified Home Inspector Boston Home Inspection

When I get a call to book a home inspection and they’re not familiar with Clayton Home Inspections, many people’s first question is how much do you charge? I use to do the same thing until it bit me in the pocket and learned I needed to do some research. The amount a home inspector charges can vary for many reasons to include size of the house, education and experience of the inspector in the field and how much time and detail goes into the inspection. One of the biggest investments in your life so, don’t short yourself. Do some research online and speak to the inspector who will do the inspection.

I know when I get a call asking how much? I know it is someone looking for the cheapest price not realizing that not all Home Inspectors are created equal, for example I have shadowed and spoken to a couple of inspectors who will spend 45 mins total time at the house regardless of the size and that includes writing up the report. I thought when I first started doing home inspections that these fast home inspectors where the most efficient but, contrary to may belief, when I actually accompanied some of these inspectors I found my belief shattered. Many items missed or not discussed with the buyer that could be addressed before the close of escrow.

I found the buyer in most cases do not get represented properly. Representing the buyer best interest is the most important thing we can do so, that is why I inspect every home like I am buying the home myself and I give my best and spend the time that it takes me to properly preform the Home Inspection.