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Written By: claytonhome - Jan• 30•13

Home inspection Massachusetts is required for a new home. Boston home inspectors must make sure that the house is safe and sound to live in. Home inspection Massachusetts and home inspection Boston are also necessary if the house is undergoing major renovation. If Boston home inspectors find that something is amiss in the plumbing, electricity, framing or other aspects of a new home or a addition, the rest of the construction or renovation can’t continue until the problem is fixed. Ideally, a home inspector for a new house should be hired even before the construction begins. A home inspector will begin with the basement and foundation of a home and work his or her way up to the roof. They will record what they see with cameras and with written reports. A home inspection Massachusetts should only take a couple of hours for an average sized home. It’s also fairly inexpensive, depending on the square footage of the home. Home inspection Boston has evolved over the years. Now, a home inspector needs to have a license and insurance and often will belong to a professional organization like the American Inspectors Association. These organizations have codes and standards of ethics that they expect their members to follow. Some home inspectors also have degrees in architecture or engineering or are contractors themselves. However, a reputable inspector shouldn’t offer to fix problems himself, even if he can. Like the other professionals who work on the home, the inspector should also sign a written contract that details what he inspects.


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