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A Home Inspector/s today that is working in home inspection industry that is still providing their client/s with a handwritten home inspection report is a home inspector in Massachusetts that is behind the times.

We live in the age of technology and people’s lives are connected to the use of the internet.  Computers, web sites and emails are the tools of today.  We are proud providers in the home inspection services and provide and meet our client/s needs as a consumer in today’s world.  We provide our Client/s with a computer generated typed home inspection report which we email to them. Not only have a lot of our client/s but so many real estate brokers have commented. Much easier it is to read a computer generated typed report. Than it is trying to decipher a handwritten report.

They also like the choice we offer their home inspection emailed. Making it easier for our client/s to keep track of their report instead of accidentally packing it away or misplacing it in the chaos of home buying process.  An emailed report can also easily be shared between the buyer and his/her real estate broker. Which gives them a tool they can use to help their buyer/s in the negotiation stage of the home buying processes.  Another comment we’ve heard from our environmentally conscious clients is that they like the option of an emailed report which in turn helps save the trees thus the environment.

The following are the 3 types of Home Inspection we offer to our Clients.

1.) Home Inspection for Buyer/s and or Seller/s

Our clients, whether they are buyer/s or seller/s, and requested that Clayton Home Inspection perform a Home Inspection on a particular real estate property. You will receive a computer generated typed Home Inspection Report.  The Home Inspection Report emailed to our client within 24-48 hours of the completion of the home inspection process.  All of our home inspection reports include a Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report which meets with all FHA/VA and HUD requirements.  The complete report consists of 13+ pages with narrative comments as well a check list pertaining to the various components within the home.

This service is offered to a Buyer/s who interested in purchasing a particular real estate property. As well as a Seller/s who’s interested in  an inspection done on their property prior to putting it on the real estate market.

Our Home Inspection Reports do not contain photos unless they are requested and at an additional fee.  Photos included, is a service requested mostly by our Buyer/s. Who are relocating from another state/location and who are unable to be present at the time of the home inspection. Due to distance or personal circumstances.  This service is made available to any one of our clients who choose to request it. We strongly advise to all of our clients that they make every attempt to be present during the home inspection process.  It is extremely beneficial to you to have a visual inspection then to try to decipher a report and or try to understand. The issues and or it’s location within the Home Inspection Report .


A sample of a Home Inspection Report without photos

2. Home Inspection for Buyer/s and or Seller/s including photos

Clayton Home Inspection also offers at an additional fee of $100.00. we will provide up to (36 ) photos incorporated within your Home Inspection report. The photos will depict any issue/s pertaining to the inspected property. Noted at the time of the home inspectionalong with a narrative caption stating the on going issue depicted in that particular picture and our recommendation/s.  Also included within your Home Inspection report will be a Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report. If you request photos incorporated within your report.  You will then receive your Home Inspection report via email within 36-48 hrs. of the completion of your home inspection process.

      A sample of a  Home Inspection Report with photos included.


3. Inspection for Commercial Properties

Because we provide our Clients who request a Commercial Property inspected. A Commercial Summary Inspection Report with or without the use of pictures.   While our Client’s report will consists of  a 12+ page report with a check list report. Pertaining to the various components. Within the property and we have customizing reports like Exterior inspection. Only and interior common area inspections based on the needs of our clients, along with a Commercial Summary Inspection Report. Consisting of  pictures as requested taken of any/all on going issue/s pertaining to the inspected Commercial Property.  Each picture will have a narrative caption in which it states the on going issue/s depicted in that particular picture.    Upon request They will also receive a Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report. All reports emailed to the Client within 24-96  hours from date the property inspection. Depending upon the request.

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* Home Inspections Boston and Worcester area include a FREE Insect/Pest Inspections

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